It’s amazing how a hotel ballroom can be transformed with a little lighting, fabric, carpet and decor.  We wanted to give you a behind the scenes peek into a recent event we produced by showing four different stages of our ballroom installation.  In this particular set-up, our Client wanted to disguise the patterned hotel carpeting as it clashed with their black, white and blush color palette.  We installed white carpeting over the 80’x80′ ballroom space to help achieve the desired look.  Once the carpet treatment was finished, our team rigged layers of white chiffon fabric drapery along the ballroom perimeter with black fabric detailing in the four corners to bring a bold look into the space.  Lighting uplights were placed around the perimeter of the room to highlight the fabric with a soft glow and other lighting instruments were rigged into the ballroom ceiling to light the dining tables, high gloss dance floor, band staging, bars and furniture vignettes that were set on the floor.

Empty Ballroom Space

Ballroom with White Carpet Treatment

Ballroom with Fabric Drapery & Partial Lighting

Finished Ballroom Build-Out

We understand not everyone’s budget may be able to accommodate a full ballroom build-out like this with carpeting and full fabric drapery, but there are ways to work with the existing architecture of a space and bring in certain decor elements to achieve the look you envision (i.e. utilize fabric drapery behind the stage and in specific points in the room, rig hanging such as chandeliers above dining tables to bring eyes up from the floor so the busy ballroom carpet is less noticeable, etc).  This is where it becomes our job to get creative with the space and come up with interesting designs / layouts that won’t drive the decor budget over.


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  1. October 27.2011
    Like everyone said, "It was the most beautiful wedding they had ever seen!"
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